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Laura Giving an Energy Healing Session to a rescued dog named Miracle
Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Our Faithful Companions

Our beloved animals are exposed to the same environment we are, feel what we feel, and store memories of emotions, trauma, abuse and abandonment.  Animals often lack appropriate coping mechanisms and the energy of these experiences and feelings may manifest as illness or behavioral issues.  Reiki helps animals process this energy which can naturally alleviate physical symptoms and improve behavior.  Many veterinarians, animal behaviorists and animal trainers are on the leading edge of holistic pet care and incorporate Reiki as a complementary treatment.  Adding Reiki to an animal's care plan provides an excellent foundation for wellness and is beneficial for the animal, the pet parent(s), the entire family and the community. 

Behavioral Issues

Destructive behavior, excessive barking, fear and separation anxiety are usually outward indications of blocks or imbalances at the emotional, mental, and/or spiritual levels.  For optimal results, animal Reiki treatments must be combined with the pet parent and entire family's commitment to proper, consistent training and behavior modification techniques.  This is especially important for an animal that has been rescued, abused, traumatized or hasn’t been properly socialized.

A short list of the benefits of Animal Reiki:

  • Promote relaxation, reduce stress, fear and anxiety

  • Ease the process of healing and releasing feelings of loss, grief and related emotions

  • Increase focus and mental clarity for training purposes and for aging animals

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Improve overall health and well-being

  • Enhance confidence and feelings of safety, security and trust

  • Release emotional wounds, including wounds from the past

  • Expedite multi-level healing after illness, trauma or surgery

  • Before, during & after surgery; relaxation, aid recovery and pain management

  • Alleviate side effects of pharmaceutical protocols and treatments, including chemotherapy

  • Provide a strong foundation for recovery and rehabilitation

  • Pain reduction of common conditions, including arthritis

  • Recovery from abuse or trauma; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

  • Managing and living with chronic conditions

  • Palliative care for aging animals and Hospice care

Animal Reiki Sessions & Animal Communication

Animal Reiki Sessions are conducted with or without touching the animal.  Animals respond purely to energy and may move toward or away from the practitioner.  The session is completely effective either way and when the animal has received the amount of Reiki they need, they intuitively signal when their session is complete.  Laura is an intuitive Animal Communicator and will relay the information received with the pet parent(s) and/or caregivers.  Please enjoy the video segment below of an Animal Reiki session with an Everglades Angels rescued dog named Miracle.

The Reiki session may include Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT Tapping, tapping specific acupressure points and Tellington Touch, known as T-Touch which is a calming therapeutic technique.  Treatment plans will be recommended based on the pet parent’s concerns and the animal’s condition.

There Is No Love Like An Animal's Love

When a beloved pet is unwell, the depth of emotions pet parents and families experience can be overwhelming.  Animals are aware of their caregiver's emotions, feelings and energy at all times.  In addition to the animal's treatments, Reiki sessions may be recommended for the pet parent(s) and/or family.  As with all living beings, true healing is a journey to wholeness.  Reiki provides patience, strength and grace to navigate the uncertainty of the path.  During animal hospice care, Reiki provides a supportive and comforting space for the beloved pet and the family.  Reiki given during euthanasia creates a calm, reverent, peaceful environment for the process of transition.


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Medical Disclaimer:

Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe medications or substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a veterinary professional.  Reiki should never be used in place of proper veterinary care.  Reiki is a holistic complementary, alternative healing therapy which works in harmony with traditional veterinary medical care.  Please call your veterinarian immediately if your animal companion is ill, injured, or has an undiagnosed medical condition. It is the full responsibility of the animal’s guardian to seek & provide proper veterinary medical care for their animal(s).

Privacy Notice:

Reiki Source To Soul LLC respects your privacy.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential.  No information about any animal client will be discussed or shared with a third party without prior written consent of the animal’s guardian.

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