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Reiki & Wholeness

Reiki is, by its very nature, a powerful yet gentle energy medicine which balances the subtle energies of the body.  This encourages the body's natural self-healing process, restoring wellness and wholeness to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.  Without contradicting or interfering, Reiki harmoniously enhances traditional Western medicine and other complementary and alternative treatments.  This compatibility enables clients to tailor their own personal self-care routines.  Please take a moment to enjoy the YouTube video below of Reiki which aired on the Dr. Oz show.

​A short list of Reiki's benefits:

  • Promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety

  • Ease the process of healing from loss and grief

  • Increase focus, mental clarity and productivity

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Improve overall well-being

  • Create more contentment and peace

  • Release emotional and mental blocks

  • Develop better coping skills, ability to handle change

  • Enhance self-esteem, self-worth

  • Resolve sleep problems

  • Expedite multi-level healing after illness, trauma or surgery

  • Before, during, after surgery; relaxation, positive visualization and recovery

  • Alleviate side effects of pharmaceutical protocols, including chemotherapy

  • Provide a healing foundation for recovery and rehabilitation

  • Pain reduction of common conditions, including arthritis

  • Recovery from abuse

  • Coping, managing and living with chronic conditions

  • Palliative and Hospice care

​A Reiki Session

During a Reiki session the client remains fully clothed with their shoes removed while reclining on a treatment table.  The Reiki treatment is administered by the Reiki practitioner positioning their hands slightly above or on the client’s body.  Clients have felt and experienced deep relaxation, quieting the mind, peace, elimination of symptoms, clarity, self-acceptance, self-love, improved relationships, renewed faith and hope.

The Journey

As with all living beings, true healing is a journey into wholeness.  Reiki provides patience, comfort and grace to navigate the uncertainty of the path.  Reiki epitomizes unconditional compassion, love and acceptance through which we are able to fully embrace and live each day with courage.  Reiki is a graceful companion therapy to palliative and hospice care, providing comfort and peace for the loved one, the loved one’s family and friends.  Reiki treatments given at this time create a calm, reverent, peaceful environment during the process of transition.




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Medical Disclaimer

Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe medications or substances, nor interfere with the treatment of medical professionals.  Reiki should never be used in place of proper medical care.  Reiki is a holistic complementary, alternative healing therapy which works in harmony with traditional medical care.  Please call your doctor immediately if you are ill, injured, or have an undiagnosed medical condition.


Privacy Notice

Reiki Source To Soul LLC respects your privacy.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential.  No information about any client will be discussed or shared with a third party without prior written consent.

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