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​​​Rescuing the Rescuer; Military Veteran & First Responder Heals the Past

Laura has been an amazing healer in my life. I am truly blessed to have met her. She has witnessed the immense physical and emotional pain and hardship I have been through for the past few years since I got out of the military and been on this journey to become a firefighter. Through multiple back injuries and ailments to major emotional setbacks, her humble and receptive listening ears have never made it hard for me to fully open up and talk to her about anything. I met Laura in the beginning of 2016. But it feels like I have known her my entire life. Not only has she been an exceptional friend and ideal role model, she has demonstrated how to live through the examples of her teachings. I would not be the man I am today without her healing touch, guidance, or wisdom. I can only try to describe in words how thankful I am to have her in my life.

     H.Z., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Relief from Work-Related Body Aches & Pains

I have a very physically demanding career that requires a lot of heavy lifting and standing for extended periods of time.  I contacted Laura about Reiki sessions for help with my back, shoulder, hip and knee pain.  She's a great listener and made me feel very comfortable.  The sessions are so relaxing and they've relieved the pain and discomfort.  Even my job performance has improved!  I'm having the best sleep I've had in years, I feel better and have more energy to enjoy my free time.

​     R.B., Pompano Beach, FL

Wholeness; Body, Heart, Mind & Soul

While I was on a get-away trip to Florida after a year of illness and uncertainty, Laura offered to arrange a Reiki session for me to further my quest for recovery, and a return to health and wellness.  She provided me with an understandable explanation of what Reiki is and how it can further my goals for creating a balanced physical and spiritual state, a state that promotes clarity and stability.  The setting that she provided for this intuitive service promoted relaxation and contributed to an overall sense of peace.  I left Laura and the session feeling clear minded and calm, and ready to continue on my course of improving my health and reclaiming my life. 

     D.F., Clifton Park, NY

Distant Healing Is Real & It Works

Laura is truly an amazing healer.  I met her after she signed up for a healing session with me.  While we were chatting before our session began, I really felt her powerful healing energies.  I was wondering to myself: who is healing whom?  I continued to feel her healing energies throughout our session and beyond.  I felt fantastic!  I've never such powerful healing energies before or since.

     Ross Pittman, Editor: ConsciousLifeNews.com, Sedona, AZ

Spirit Communication & Manifesting Desired Results

Laura came for a Reiki and Animal Communication session with Chanel my rescued cat.  At the end of that appointment I scheduled a session for myself.  During my session my mom, who passed away several years ago, communicated through Laura.  My mom wanted me to know I could still talk to her, she wanted me to talk to her more often and she wanted to help me.  At the end of the Reiki session Laura told me what my mom said and we talked for a while.  I mentioned my situation with the immigration office, I had been waiting for more than 9 months to receive my work authorization.  Laura told me, "Ask your mom to help you, she wants to help you."  Later that night I talked to my mom.  I wrote what I wanted and desired with honesty using a positive attitude and expressing a feeling of gratitude, like I already had what I wanted.  Four days later I received my work authorization in the mail from the government after waiting over 9 months.  The thing that Laura did not know was that the day before my Reiki session I had asked my mom to manifest to Laura.

​     Chanel & P.P., Davie, FL

Chihuahua With Chronic Upset Tummy & Pancreatitis

My dog Stella has a very sensitive stomach and when her tummy flairs up she refuses food, won't play and fidgets all night, keeping me awake too.  Recently, Stella had a particularly bad episode and I called Laura.  During the Reiki session Stella totally relaxed, closed her eyes and I knew she felt relief immediately.  That evening she ate dinner and her tummy was quiet, she slept peacefully through the night and so did I!  Thank you Laura, your love and compassion shine through in every Reiki session.

     Stella & C.R., Pompano Beach, FL​

​​Rescued Pit Bull - A Dog Deemed Almost "Unadoptable" Is Now Thriving In The Perfect Home

When I first obtained Bones, my foster Pit Bull, he had been neglected and was severely emaciated.  He was very scared and unsure of everything which eventually turned into high anxiety that escalated to aggressive and reactive behavior.  I was working with a trainer and placed him on medication, however there was still a part of him that was always on "edge."  As a believer in Reiki myself, I thought I would give Animal Reiki a try and found Laura through a simple Google search.  I contacted her by email and she responded immediately.  We spoke for quite some time on the phone and I gave her a detailed explanation of his behavior and what I hoped to achieve.  During the first appointment, Bones laid on the floor and had a look of emotional pain mixed with sadness (at one point I thought he may even start to cry).  He immediately went to sleep once the session concluded and appeared to be a tad more relaxed in the following days.  The second session yielded similar results.  During the third session he let out a huge sigh and by the end of the session he had a look of relief on his beautiful, square-headed face!  In the weeks that followed we started noticing him acting more relaxed around strangers and other animals, and just more calm overall.  Approximately one month after his last Reiki session he met his soon-to-be forever family (after spending almost two years in the rescue foster program).

Prior to the Reiki sessions with Laura he couldn't be around strangers without barking and growling and sometimes showing signs of fear aggression and reactivity.  However, none of those characteristics appeared the day he met his forever family and we believe Laura's work with him had a great impact in helping him achieve that result.  A dog that was once deemed almost unadoptable is now thriving in the perfect home!  Thank you Laura, for all that you have done!

     Bones & B.B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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